Dreamforce – 2021: Integration of Slack Across Salesforce Products & Services


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During the Dreamforce-2021 event, Marc Benioff, the CEO and chairman of Salesforce, declared the organization to be net zero across its “value chain” and announced the accomplishment of cent per cent renewable energy for its operations during his keynote address.

The vendor too announced “Sustainability Cloud 2.0” to expedite the path of customers to net zero. Sustainability Cloud will help customers trace and minimize their carbon emissions and initiate action via a complete view of their environmental footprint with investor-grade data for tailor-made environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting. Declared customers comprise Clif Bar, Crowley Maritime, ISDI, MillerKnoll, Uhuru Corp and Xero.

Digital Headquarters

There has been a paradigm shift in our mindset about work from ‘a place where you go to work’ to ‘something you do from any place.’ Every organization requires a digital headquarters to connect its employees, customers and partners, and flourish in a ‘work-from-anywhere’ world. Several organizations worldwide build their digital headquarters on Salesforce and Slack so that they can work more efficiently and grow swifter.

Salesforce introduced Slack integrations in August 2021 across sales, service, marketing and analytics (Tableau). At the recent Dreamforce-2021, it announced integrations across more products, including commerce, experience, platform, Trailhead, MuleSoft and Quip, and its industry clouds and products including sustainability, corporate and investment banking, healthcare and life sciences, philanthropy, non-profit and education. Furthermore, Salesforce introduced new Slack functionality, including Clips, termed as a novel way to produce and share audio, video and screen recordings through any channel or direct messages in Slack, allowing people to work with greater flexibility.

Putting together your digital headquarters implies reasoning carefully about the digital infrastructure that integrates everyone in your business, helping them identify novel methods to innovate, collaborate and stay connected. This is a kind of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for every organization to re-model themselves and make work more flexible, inclusive and productive.

Slack Integrations with Salesforce Products & Services

At Dreamforce 2021 conference, Salesforce unleashed new capabilities that integrate Slack across its products and industry services. Salesforce also launched novel Slack innovations that enhance collaboration across organizational boundaries and empower teams to adopt non-synchronous working.

There is a massive change happening, which is the “change and transformation, and evolution and inspiration into the trusted enterprise.” Salesforce’s playbook for trusted enterprise comprises: reclaiming trust, customer-first systems, digital headquarters, the health and safety of all, and sustainability.

Salesforce has about 15 million “trailblazers” worldwide, who are innovating with Salesforce, using its platform to transform their organizations. Benioff announced that Salesforce achieved $26.3 billion in revenue in 2021 and attributed it to the trailblazers. He expected the revenues to reach $50 billion by 2026.


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