Salesforce DevOps as a Service

CloudFulcrum is a pioneer in implementing DevOps Strategy for Salesforce Application Development Teams.

State of Salesforce DevOps for your Salesforce Practice

With experience of building DevOps platforms and architecting complex DevOps implementations for Fortune 100 customers, we can work with your team and prepare a comprehensive state of DevOps for your Salesforce practice and prepare a future state with goals and metrics.

  • Conduct Salesforce Sandbox Environment Audit
  • Perform Team Skill Assessment
  • Review Branching Strategy Review
  • Setup future state of Salesforce Release Management with
    • CI/CD Tooling recommendation
    • Environment Management
    • Value Streams and Metrics
    • Multi-flavored pipelines for Admins and Developers

Jenkins Accelerators for Salesforce

With core contributors to CPQ opensource and Jenkins part of the leadership team, CloudFulcrum can help you accelerate your Jenkins-driven Salesforce release management Partners with the following:

  • Pre-defined Project Templates Partners for Salesforce Metadata API driven deployments, SFDX model and Vlocity etc.,
  • Lean and Delta Deployment Plug-ins for Salesforce using Jenkins
  • Data Deployments for Salesforce along with CPQ templates
  • Certified expert to run Salesforce release management with Jenkins Pipelines

SFDX Transformation – Strategy and Implementation

CloudFulcrum has proven track record of implementing SFDX Transformation Project for Salesforce Customers.

  • Identification of Apps for the phase-wise SFDX Transformation
  • Setup GIT Repository and branching model for SFDX implementation
  • Implement Jenkins Plugins for code-merge across SFDX( scoped apps) and Non-SFDX Repository (rest of the metadata) during the transition.
  • Setup CI/CD Pipelines for deployments across Salesforce environments.
  • Vlocity DX

Copado as a Service

Copado has championed the vision of Salesforce DevOps with its core CICD capabilities – Plan, Build, Deploy, Compliance and Testing for applications built on CPQ Salesforce Implementation Platform. CloudFulcrum, a value partner of Copado has come up with a unique offering, “Copado as a Service” aimed at Copado customers or Salesforce teams who are looking to get started with CPQ DevOps Practice Implementation.

  • Copado Adoption Assessment
  • Value Streams and Capacity Planning
  • End-to-End Release Management with Copado
  • DevOps 360 Analytics

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