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How to Leverage Jenkins to Accelerate Salesforce DevOps

Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD) is constantly talked about. Anyone working in the software or IT industry has heard of the term. In fact, a report by CD foundation reveals interesting stats on how orgs and teams use CI/CD to achieve their goals. It says 47% of developers use CI/CD in one way or another while one in five

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Deploy to Salesforce from Jira Status with AutoRABIT – Agility meets DevOps

  One of key facets of continuous delivery is to have a capability to promote a user story to any environment at any time as it passes the quality and compliance guidelines. It helps business get prioritized deliverables faster into the market than wait for long and big bang production deployment cycles. AutoRABIT 20.1 release has brought in a new

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AutoRABIT 19.3 release highlights

  General Features Intuitive UI Introducing “easy navigation” by placing the left menu. Achieve Click Consolidation or Click Reduction. Support for Salesforce Winter ’20 AutoRABIT platform upgrades to support Salesforce’s latest release, Winter ’20 AKA API 47.0. API Tokens To authenticate any request, an API token will be required. Users can access, manage their API token under the Admin section. AcceIQ

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