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5 Ways DevOps Can Help Your Organization Achieve Agility

Introduction In today’s digital world, organizations are getting digitally transformed by embracing disruptive technologies with new tools and techniques. They are highly focused on competing with the digital economy to enhance their performance at all levels. They need to boost flexibility in business-supporting capabilities, upgrade product quality, elevate financial performance and augment speed-to-market for customer-facing products. Agile and DevOps practices

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Advanced role based access for Copado

This is the first part in a series of blogs (read the second part here) on advanced topics of Copado on how you can fit Copado seamlessly into your Software Development Life Cycle. Current Licensing model of Copado With the current setup of Copado, the access is restricted based on licenses to the following categories: Copado Admin Copado User Copado

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5 Key principles of Salesforce DevOps

The demand for swift and constantly expanding digital experiences has never been higher. To cope with the market’s demands, companies are embracing a DevOps culture to systematize the development, deployment, management and maintenance of software at scale. ‘DevOps’ is a blend of software development practices that combines the terms ‘development’ and ‘operations’ together to shrink the time taken to process

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5 Best Practices for Successful Implementation of DevOps

INTRODUCTION Any business organization that aims to collaborate with IT outsourcing service providers for the development of software should recognize the significance of DevOps Best Practices to upgrade the efficacy of the project execution. In addition to supporting the efficient completion of projects, DevOps Best Practices also takes the collaboration between business enterprises and software service providers to the next

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Deploy to Salesforce from Jira Status with AutoRABIT – Agility meets DevOps

One of key facets of continuous delivery is to have a capability to promote a user story to any environment at any time as it passes the quality and compliance guidelines. It helps business get prioritized deliverables faster into the market than wait for long and big bang production deployment cycles. AutoRABIT 20.1 release has brought in a new dimension

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DevOps Adoption Challenges for Salesforce Applications

Salesforce development and release management teams have made good strides towards continuous integration and continuous of application in the last few years – here are some of the challenges for teams while adopting DevOps practice for Salesforce platform. Complexity with Salesforce Metadata Component behavior split into multiple files ( Profiles, Layouts etc.,) Unsupported Metadata The  modification timestamps for some metadata

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