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Maximizing Salesforce Release Efficiency with Code Coverage Analyzer

Introduction To streamline Salesforce release management, CloudFulcrum is offering a series of utilities with a new managed package called “Release Assist.” This blog series covers each of these capabilities. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, efficient release management is crucial for organizations leveraging Salesforce as their CRM platform. With the complexity of Salesforce implementations and the need for thorough testing,

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Salesforce Test Automation – How Can you Get the Best Out of Salesforce for Your Business

Over the years, Salesforce has evolved from merely a place for storing data and tracking opportunities to becoming a driving force for enterprises to propel their business. There are now millions of integrations, workflows, and custom input fields within Salesforce to improve processes and functionalities. With so much business riding on Salesforce, it’s imperative to test all the customizations, lest

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