Top 5 Reasons to Choose Dell Boomi to Accelerate the Digital Transformation of Your Business


Connectivity plays a critical part in today’s world of technology and digital transformation. Digital transformation is inevitable, considering the continuously expanding complexity of business due to exceeding customer expectations. Connectivity is the crux of success in today’s digitally-connected business world. Every organization has the potential to go digital by being able to connect with customers more closely, accelerate innovation and, consequently, command a more significant share in the marketplace. But the biggest impediment to organizations in this process is dearth of solutions to connect and integrate earlier business systems smoothly, while ensuring better data management.

Organizations need to use multipurpose integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solutions to regulate their business operations and become more productive. However, with a host of options available in the market, selecting an ideal multipurpose iPaaS is tough. Dell Boomi can be a perfect choice due to its intelligent connectivity and integration solutions, which help achieve scalability and efficiency by connecting the digital data dots. It promotes business efforts with powerful integration and connectivity solutions.

Organizations using traditional Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or middleware platforms spend huge sums managing massive architecture to fulfil their integration requirements. Dell Boomi integration services, built on multi-tenant architecture, offer swifter and agile integration solutions to support your present hybrid IT environment including cloud, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and on-premise systems.

Organizations of all sizes are embracing Dell Boomi to fully transform their business operations by connecting and using data sources to operate a more efficient business. As a unified, cloud-native PaaS, Boomi expedites your ability to integrate every aspect of your connected business.

Here are the top-5 reasons why choosing Dell Boomi as the iPaaS platform for your business can help in the digital transformation of your business:

#1: Comprehensive Set of Connectors

In today’s technological world, connectivity plays a quintessential part in business growth. Dell Boomi, with its effective Application Programming Interface (API) strategy, encourages new connectivity solutions to resolve any decisive queries in connectivity.

It is a stabilized, highly productive, and hybrid integration solution that enables applications to create a network of apps, data, and devices with API-led connectivity.

The comprehensive set of default connectors not only facilitates integration between any combinations of applications, but also makes it swifter and simpler to integrate without any software or coding. Dell Boomi iPaaS offers a dynamic architecture that allows customization, which matches your business needs. It allows you to easily connect with any applications or business system on-premises or in the cloud, edit application networks with powerful tools, standard-APIs, connectors, and reusable code blocks.

#2: Best-in-Class iPaaS Solutions

An integrated hybrid cloud multi-purpose iPaaS solution, which is highly scalable and simple to use is one of the best features of Dell Boomi. Dell Boomi facilitates smart management of IT infrastructure as it comes integrated with a multipurpose hybrid cloud iPaaS platform that helps strategically connect data, enterprise systems, applications, and the workforce. The platform comes with independent modules such as MDM, AtomSphere, and API management capabilities.

Dell Boomi cloud platform offers end-to-end capabilities and ready-to-use cloud services with agility and scalability, including drag-and-drop feature to satisfy all your integration requirements. Dell Boomi provides complete flexibility to users by enabling them to create and personalize cloud solutions suited to their unique business needs with custom code scripting. This ensures you save a lot of time as you don’t have to spend time scripting complex coding for even the simplest use cases.

#3: Seamless Integration

The Boomi platform provides multiple connectors to help seamless integration with on-premise or cloud application or services to ensure smooth workflow. It enables businesses to seamlessly integrate their systems with applications such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Azure and others and, thereby, allows them to expand their service management capabilities to applications for CRM, ERP, and other IT functionalities. In today’s digital world, business needs are constantly changing. In such an instance, the Boomi platform can offer on-demand integration solutions allowing users to identify and select their desired integration model to match their business needs.

The Dell Boomi iPaaS platform provides extremely productive and combined hybrid integration solutions to promote API-based new-age connectivity through a network mesh of apps, devices, and data. It takes advantage of potent tools, standard APIs and connectors, and multiple re-usable code blocks to execute advances and changes in application networks. Dell Boomi integration helps solve your biggest business challenges, supported by a powerful API strategy allowing connectivity between apps, data, and business systems anywhere – on-premise or on the cloud. It provides a simple, flexible and futuristic architecture to satisfy your dynamic business needs irrespective of the size of the organization or the industry in which it operates. When contrasted to traditional ESB platforms with complex architecture limited to on-premise integration, Boomi’s consolidated integration platform offers easy access to devices and applications irrespective of their location (on-premise or on the cloud). Thus, Dell Boomi iPaaS offers a unified platform to help migrate, manage, and regulate data across the organization.

Statistical Proof Endorsing Benefits of Dell BoomiForrester research on the clients of iPaaS platform revealed the following:

  • Staff efficiency enhanced by 70%.
  • Dell Boomi accumulated $3.4 million in incremental revenue.
  • Organizations saved $1.5 million in infrastructure costs and management.
  • Over $1.1 million was saved by avoiding license fees that organizations had to shell out to prior integration solutions and minimizing unnecessary burden on the IT staff.
  • Development time was shrunk by 70%.
  • Organizations saved more than $1.1 million which they used to spend on traditional software.

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#4: Full-stack Security Solutions

The creators of Dell Boomi take security seriously. The Dell Boomi AtomSphere platform provides three-layer full-stack security solutions for both on-premise and cloud services, including network and facilities infrastructure, application and platform layer, and data-level security.

Some of the other remarkable security features of Dell Boomi are as follows:

  • SSAE 16 Type II SOC 1 security standards stipulated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • SSL 256-bit encryption and HTTPS port 43 to manage communications
  • A public and private x509 key with each user account registration and account activation (these keys are stored at data centers)

These security considerations of the iPaaS platform ensure that your organizational data is fully safe from any kind of threat.

#5: Customized & Powerful API Strategy Solutions

Another impressive feature of Dell Boomi is its robust API strategy. The iPaaS platform comes with a comprehensive API lifecycle including an API toolkit, which developers can use to create, publish, and manage their APIs without the necessity for much coding. The secure and powerful API strategy of the Boomi Platform enables multiple enterprise systems to integrate the data in numerous databases seamlessly. Dell Boomi’s API platform also provides potent strategies, connectors, and data mapping tools for rapid and reliable integration without the need to displace traditional applications. Therefore, Dell Boomi’s iPaaS platform promotes successful digital transformation of your organization.


As customers are the backbone of any business, Boomi believes in the concept of ‘customer obsession’ and continues to wow its customers by delivering best-in-class cloud services to more than 7,000 medium-to-large organizations. Today, Dell Boomi is the most preferred iPaaS vendor and a worldwide leader in the cloud integration landscape. Dell Boomi is the best choice if you want to use an enterprise application integration as it can provide you the most competitive edge in the current digital marketplace and launch your business productivity to great heights.

However, merely choosing Dell Boomi as an enterprise integration will not yield you benefits. You will also need an integration provider who has extensive experience working on the technology.

CloudFulcrum is an expert Dell Boomi Integration Provider that helps organizations simplify their integration challenges by taking advantage of the Dell Boomi iPaaS platform. We have been working with the technology for a long time in enterprise-grade solutions and can help you make the best use of the technology. Our Dell Boomi integration experts help you to seamlessly integrate systems and applications across your hybrid IT environment.

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